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Subsea Mechatronics

We design, build and operate ROVs to capture the data you need.



Subsea Mechatronics is an engineering company focused on the development and operation of ROVs and the integration with the best marine survey equipment in the market. The company has developed his own custom fleet of unmanned vehicle designed to work from near-shore to in-shore facilities with flooded, partially flooded, or dry environments. This specialized and unique fleet enables the inspection and maintenance of submerged assets in a variety of operational conditions and can be adapted be our engineering team to our clients needs to perform their mission in a harsh condition saving time, costs and reducing human risks with no divers.

rov marine port
rov inspections

ROV Inspections

Subsea Mechatronics choose carefully when it comes to ROV works the most suitable equipment for doing the inspection, we focus on the attention of highly valuable data for our clients depending on their specific needs.Our goal is to facilitate the decision-making process of our client to optimize their maintenance and repair processes of their assets putting on the table the most relevant information that our ROVs can record during the operations. We analyzed data to refine the results and we offer different visualization approaches to facilitate the interpretation of the situation of the infrastructure surveyed.

Océano oscuro
SSM canary location


Marine Park  Innovation Center, Bajos de la Playa de Las Alcaravaneras, s/n, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

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