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Our ROVs

Are hybrid vehicles prepared for inspections of industrial plants pipes such as desalination ones, equipped with intervention tools, together with a methofology to provide the services in an efficient and safe manner.


They are able to work continuously underwater when powered from the surface, with no restriction related to decompression time or number of dives during a period of time.  The range of action of our ROV fleet can go to 500m depth and 3km in horizontal length, especially in confined spaces such as flooded pipelines or tunnels. ROVs can operate in hazardous conditions (toxic chemicals, low/high temperatures…).

Our ROVs are ranged from mini observation class ROVS like FULA that is a one-man deployable vehicle to workclass ROV. Special configurations such as crawlers designed for manipulation and maintenance tasks like cleaning or dredging are also available. We develop custom solutions for our clients needs with our R&D and engineering team. You can visit our technology section for more information about our fleet.



  • Hybrid approach
    • Up to 6 hour of autonomy with batteries
    • Surface powered
  • HD Camera
  • 8 thrusters, 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Payload
    • USBL
    • DVL
    • 2 functions manipulator
    • Aux camera
  • Tethers
    • 200m 4mm diameter copper
    • 300m 7mm dia. copper
    • 3000m 4.2 Fiber optic
    • 300m 9mm data and power, copper
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Dimmensions:
  • Depth rate: 500m
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