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Quality policies

SUBSEA MECHATRONICS seeks differentiation in its sector, which is why it decides to implement the integrated quality and environment system. This system, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and the 14001:2015 environmental standard, involves the entire organization.

The policy is available to our interested parties upon request or request and on the website.

Our policy seeks to comply with the following points:

- Provide quality services and products with constant improvement to meet the demand of our customers and be competitive within the sector to get new customers.

- Our environmental policy defines the commitment to carry out our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of the environmental aspects it produces, especially the most significant ones.

- Ensure the protection of the environment, working respectfully, preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental effects produced as a result of the activity we carry out in our company.

- Carry out a periodic annual evaluation of the environmental aspects derived from our activity, for the purposes of maintenance and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

- Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations regarding Quality, Environment and any other additional requirements that our Organization voluntarily subscribes to.

- Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System and the degree of satisfaction provided to the client through clearly defined and controlled processes. To do this, the needs and requirements of customers must be known at all times, and provide the company with tools for monitoring, measurement and analysis of processes.

- Our objectives are based on increasing customer satisfaction and not having any claims or complaints from them. Satisfy 100% the expectations that the client has of our services.

- Define annually the objectives and goals necessary to guarantee compliance with the commitments established in this policy and those requested by our interested parties.

- Provide the essential resources for the implementation and control of the Integrated Quality and Environment System, as well as for the improvement of its processes.

-     The quality and improvement of the environment will always be subject to continuous improvement. Failures will be used to learn and every effort will be made to locate the causes that produced them, so that they do not repeat themselves.

- The Management requests the collaboration and commitment of all employees of the organization, so that we make this Quality and Environment Policy our own, each one taking responsibility for the quality of their work and compliance with what is established.

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